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Greene Moving & Storage provides a broad range of general facility services for our clients.

Our Facility Services Department is on call 24 hours a day to meet your ongoing and emergency facility service needs. We recognize that your facility service needs are not necessarily the same as your business work day. We stand ready to work with you according to your schedule.

Greene Moving & Storage’s experienced facility technicians can help with a wide variety of services. Call on us for nearly all of your non-custodial maintenance. Our experts can become your on-call Maintenance Department.

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Greene Moving & Storage has expert staff to perform standard facility services for your business, corporate offices, restaurant, machine shop, or other commercial facility.

Call on Greene Moving & Storage for window or furniture repairs, and for preventive maintenance.

Greene Moving & Storage can do light landscaping around your facility.

If you are having construction work done, our staff can take responsibility for site cleanup.

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Greene Moving & Storage has the experience you need for emergency facility services.

We’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for flood cleanup to minimize water damage and reduce mold formation.

Our facility services also include disaster recovery emergency cleanup to help get your business back to work as soon as possible.

Greene Moving & Storage can also pick up and deliver replacement furniture and office equipment after fires, floods, collapses, or other emergencies.

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Some of our facility services may surprise you.

If your business is having a cook-out, call on Greene Moving & Storage to set up your tables and chairs…and take them down afterwards.

Greene Moving & Storage can hang art, photographs, and other items on your corporation walls…or for an exhibition you sponsor.

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“But wait!…There’s more!”

Consider these other facility services we can provide throughout our service area which extends from our home town of Manchester CT to Boston Massachusetts, New York City, and throughout New England.

  • Internal office moves
  • External office moves
  • Inventory control
  • Asset Management
  • Delivery services
  • Record storage
  • Warehousing
  • Electronic inventory control
  • Installations
  • Contract maintenance
  • Commercial clean-out projects
  • Facility technicians

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Try to surprise us.

Ask us about something we haven’t listed. Greene Moving & Storage is anxious to try to surprise you with our ability to meet your facility service needs.

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Greene Moving & Storage: the one place for all of your commercial and residential moving needs

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