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Why should I hire a moving company?

Many people think that it may be easier and less expensive to move by themselves. However, a professional, insured, experienced moving company such as Greene Moving & Storage is usually a better option.

Professional movers who have experience moving furniture and other items of all sizes, shapes, and weights are less likely to damage your household goods. In addition, many insurance companies do not cover items being moved by the homeowner and friends.

Greene Moving & Storage provides professional movers who are experts at their trade, and who have years of experience and expertise moving hard-to-move items.

When should I call Greene Moving & Storage?

When possible, it’s best to call 6 weeks before your move. Advance planning ensures that your household moving date will be reserved, and gives us time to work with you to iron out details ahead of time. Early preparation with your residential mover helps avoid last minute complications, and helps make moving your furniture hassle-free.

Should I get an estimate from Greene Moving & Storage?

It’s a good idea to have a Greene Moving & Storage trained representative visit you early in your planning.

In some cases, we can give an estimate over the phone. Usually, it is best that we have a representative visit your house to assess your home and inventory. We can review your plans, help you construct a plan of action, and give you a reasonable idea of costs so you can develop a working budget for your household relocation.

Are there any extra charges?

One of the reasons that Greene Moving & Storage recommends that one of our representatives visit your home is to reduce the likelihood of extra charges. We will be able to include pianos, big screen televisions, book or record collections, and other heavy items in our estimate so you will have a better idea of the cost of your move.

Should I ask Greene Moving & Storage for references?

 We would be happy to provide references from our satisfied customers. We also suggest that you check with the Chamber of Commerce and Better Business Bureau for references and history of our moving company. We at Greene Moving & Storage are proud of our years of top-rated service from our cheerful experienced movers.

What can’t Greene Moving & Storage move during a residential relocation?

Like most moving companies, Greene Moving & Storage does not allow hazardous items on our moving vans. These include such things as chemicals, propane and firearms. We also do not move perishable foods.



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We strongly suggest that the household owner move these items.

In addition, we remind our clients that the homeowner also should move items of significant value. This includes valuables such as jewelry, coin collections, and family heirlooms

When should we pack?

Greene Moving & Storage recommends that you have your packing completed before our movers arrive. Our experience shows that this will save you a great deal of time and money. It’s a good idea to check with us before starting to pack, because many items can be left unpacked.

Keep in mind that packing boxes and other moving supplies can be bought or rented from our Moving Supplies Department.

Does Greene Moving & Storage provide after-move services?

Greene Moving & Storage suggests that you include a re-visit in your household moving plans. After you have settled into your new home, you may find that you would like to rearrange some of your furniture. We can quickly and easily make these adjustments for you, helping to ensure that you are comfortably moved in.

What territory does Greene Moving & Storage cover?

Greene Moving & Storage facilitates household moves in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New York.

We can also plan and coordinate long distance residential moves.

What if my new home is not ready for all of my furniture?

One of the great advantages that Greene Moving & Storage offers is our large storage warehouse. We can easily provide both short- and long-term storage if you need it.

What if we have other questions regarding our residential move?

Please call us. Greene Moving & Storage has trained, experienced, expert staff people who would be happy to discuss all aspects of your household move.


Greene Moving & Storage: the one place for all of your commercial and residential moving needs

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