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1. Hire a licensed mover.

Greene Moving & Storage has many years experience moving satisfied customers throughout Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island & New York.

2. Go through all storage places...

... (attic, basement, garage, closets, etc.) and throw away unused and outdated items.

Greene Moving & Storage reminds you that your household probably has many items you don’t really use. It’s worth remembering that their weight can add up quickly, which will add to your moving costs.

3. Plan ahead.

Greene Moving & Storage suggests that you can save time and make your moving experience much more pleasant if you rough out a floor plan of your new home, and show on it where each item of furniture will go.

4. Schedule your move.

If you plan moving your furniture on a weekday during normal business hour, you can avoid overtime charges.

5. Use similar size boxes.

Boxes which are the same size, stack easier and faster, reducing the time costs moving your furniture and household items. Greene Moving & Storage has boxes and other items to make your move easier in our Moving Supplies Department.

6. Ask your moving company about any additional charges.

Greene Moving & Storage will supply information about “hidden” home moving charges such as fuel surcharges, truck charges and rental equipment as part of our estimate. We want your household move to be a pleasant experience, without unexpected surprises.

7. Try to schedule your move during “slow” periods.

Greene Moving & Storage has found that January, February and March are the least busy months in the furniture moving business. Moving during the winter months may help you find better pricing.

8. Finish packing by the time the movers arrive at your house.

Greene Moving & Storage has found that one of the biggest causes of time problems is caused by people still packing when the house movers arrive. Inevitably, they get in each other’s way. The rhythm of loading the moving van is disrupted if boxes are not ready to be loaded when they are needed to fill spaces and stabilize loads. Pre-packing saves you money.

9. Check references.

Check with the local Chamber of Commerce and Better Business Bureau, and ask the moving company for references.

It always pays to be sure of the reputation of any contractor. Greene Moving & Storage is proud of its record of service and long list of satisfied customers.

10. Take small items of high value with you.

Small objects such as jewelry and coins can easily be misplaced during a move if loaded with a large amount of furniture and boxes. Greene Moving & Storage advises that the surest way to keep these valuables safe is to pack and move them yourself.


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Greene Moving & Storage: the one place for all of your commercial and residential moving needs

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